Abelleboerboel - upcoming litter 2013 /14

Abelles Ella + Altyd Samson (winter 2013/14)
Abelles Benja + .....      (Spring 2014)        
Abelles Duller + Ando's Hammer(summer 2014)
Abelles Ella  +  Billabong Boss  (summer 2014)
Abelles Benja + Artemis Storm(winter 2014/15)
Abelles Fjummle + Ando's Hammer(spring 2015)

Altyd Samson + Abelles Ella

During winter 2013/14 we will give samson one more try ,this time he is going to be mated to Ella (his granddaughter)

Abelles Benja + .... not sure yet

during spring of 2014 we hope to make a litter with Benja ,she is such a god mom and has a loot to give ahead to her offspring,which male we are going to use on her is not completely decided yet