Abelle Boerboel-puppy

What is the price of a dog?

Well one thing is what you actualy have to pay us for the dog when you get one, but that is not what you should consiter the cost of your dog... there will come many more expenses true its life: food as the major part, your dog will eat for about 12-1500.-skr each month, you will have to bring it to the vet from time to time, these vets do cost a loot! maybe you want to have health insurance as well, that is also a big one to have !

The price of a puppy does depend on your intentions with it; if you are a breeder like myself and you want to pick the best dog in the litter, then the price is 20000.- Skr.
We only let one breeder have the pick ,for each litter.
If you just want a normal promising dog you have to pay 14000.- Skr
Are you looking for a family pet ,without breeding rights i will charge you 12500.- Skr, we actually sell all our males in that category and the familys do have to sign a written contract where we keep the breeding rights on these dogs.
That way you get a cheaper dog and we can secure our breeding future ,by being free to use the absolute best males possible.