Abelle Boerboel-generation 1

Abelles Alma -G1 Alma was the female we kept from the first litter with samson and viola, she was broad build and showed some god quality to begin with, later she did though not meet our expectations as breeding dog so we had to let her go.
Alma at the age of 1 year ,very nice and a god temperament.
Abelles Alexis- aka dentjie, this is also a female from our first litter with Samson and Viola. She lives at "Mojo Boerboel" in Belgium.
Alexis at about 1 year of age, fine and large lady.
Abelles Amanda ,sister to all the A-dogs ,we placed her i family care at some friends of ours... unfortently we lost her to a accident.
Amanda was a perfect family dog, she was raised with 4 kids,2 cats and a older dog... never any trouble with her. She will be missed big time!
Abelles Aros, male living as guard dog. Aros has a god broad body,outstanding solid health and mentality. He can be both gentle family dog as he can be 100% on guard 10 hours each day...
Aros at only 4 month showing god potential already ...
Abelles Aslan, big fellow ,very gentle gigant living together with two other males now on fourth year, never any troubles in his household.
Aslan about 2 years old, just a nice dog!
Abelles Atilla, at 5 weeks he showed most potential . Nice frontlegs possition and chest.
Atilla at 1 year of age... big guy! He also has lived most of his live with other dogs,both male and female at the same time, he has never picked any fights or been domminant in any way, he is one of the greatest dogs we have!