line breeding

What is line breeding and what is inbreeding?
This topic can be very misunderstood and give a loot of trouble ,as most normal peoples think the term "inbreeding" is a word that means breeding brothers to sisters ,or fathers to daughters, etc..
As it is ,when breeding pure breed dogs one is by definition doing line breeding. without line breeding there would not be the concept of pure breed dogs, then they would just be mix breeds ,without any similarities.
In "line breeding" one can go closer to a specific ancestor or breed away from it , this is simply called "in- or out-breeding" ,breeding inwards or outwards.
How close to go when choosing dogs is up to ones sound mind ,or ones breeding associations rules and regulations.
I think most consider 6,25% to be the highest accepted level of inbreed percentage, some of them also allow 12.5% as the limit.

To get a more clear view on those percentage :
25  % = brother+sister, father+daughter or mother+son.
12,5%= halfbrother+halfsister , uncle+nice or aunt+nevew
6,25 %= cousin+cousin or grandfather+granddaughter.

Personally i think close line breeding is the only way to handle such a breed as the boerboel, because modern boerboels are basically a mix of mollosus breeds.
There are old blood lines as the ones we work with our selves , these old blood lines you would not want to get mixed up with all sort of dna from other dog breeds, as they represent the original oldest part of this breeds history.
Therefore we at abelles practice "line breeding" ,we do this with the greatest responsibility and are always aware of signs of negative impact , so far this method has only brought us god treats and relative similarity amongst the dogs we have produced.