Abelle Boerboel

Who is who in this circus of points and "winner of the year.."

Basic there 3 different associations who register the breed, in fact there are 4 plus even a fifth one on its way... at some point we may end up with one association for each breeder !
(update january 2015; in fact we now have pretymuch one for each... we count ;Bi, Sabbs,ebassa,buk,bai,eb,etc...countless orgs for boerboels)

The biggest registry used to be SABT, they where the first who registered the dogs back in the 80th ,they have made such much rubish the last few years its not worth trying to keep up with them anymore, theyr not even sabt anymore ,it is called sabba or sabbs today, what the point is now is not completely clear anymore so we chosen not to continue membership from 2015 (been with them since 2001..)

Sabt was considered to be the most serious and professional association there was, even though they did breed approved about 99% of al the dogs who have been presented in any ring... ever... and as one of the last big things sabt managed to aprove black boerboels even there have never been any black dogs in the history of this breed...  

As the first European based registry there is now BBI (boerboel international) ,they are the first and only ones who take temperament testing and health status in to breed approval, the dogs total point index (tpi) is made by 50% looks, 25% temperament test result and 25% health status.
This new way of breed approving is very welcome considering the boerboel breed worldwide .
BBi is growing as we speak, covering almost every corner of the boerboel planet.
Bi is run proffecionaly and in a democratic modern way, with serious peoples involved.
As from 2015 we are only BI members with our kennel,

Also there exist Ebbasa (elite boerboel association) ,they do the same as sabt ,but they tend to give much higher scores on the dogs...