Abelles Benja - 75% ysterberg

Benja @ 4 years

Benja @ 4 years

Benja beeing about 2 years old

Benja together with her son from her first litter

she is the kids best friend, our daughter can basicly do what ever she wants with benja, she has all the pation in the world when it commes to little peoples...

showning nice topline, god angulation overall god hindkvarter

may 2010 ,benja about half way true pregnansie ,getting bigger..

end of may 2010, benja beeing realy large and heavy... just a fiew days left befor puppys arive

....and finaly there came somme little ones out of her, 8 fine living babys, look how happy she seems to be!

puppys about 3 weeks old, little bastards allways following the tity around never any pease and kvite for momy...!

Benja has the whole time with her puppys been totaly cool about our youngest daughter ,and she has been a bit of a challange to controle around those puppys.... she just thaught they where living teddybears for her to hold and play with...

benja with her son about 2,5 years old now

Abelles Benja

A/A Hips + 0/0 elbows
91,7 % tpi-index BBI
84,6 % Sabt

Benja is the daughter of Samson and Viola from our second litter in 2008. She is a amazing dog, 100% stable temperament combined with outstanding health ,on top of that she even is kind of god looking...!
Benja was second best female at the sabt appraisal 2011 in denmark, the year before she did second best at BBI in sweeden , the result of her temperament test has only been beaten by her own mom, viola.