Abelle Boerboel

Benja with her daughter Chilli about 2 weeks old

We beleve that the female plays the biggest role in the young dogs life. She has the most influense on the puppy from day one, if she is a weak or unsecure caracter ,the puppy will copy that mentality for its whole life.
So choosing the right temperament in the females is very important ,actualy much more important than exteriour matters such as apraisalscores ! Next kvality we set high in our evaluation is the females ability to give birth and take care of her puppys, if we as breeders have to step in and help with fx. milk suplements or medicine to make her contract right or other meens, that are so popular in modern dogbreeding ,in the long run we would just weaken the whole breed!  That is what has happend for most other breeds in the world, most mastif breeds are today not able to reproduce them self, nor are they able to take care of theyr offspring without loosing most of it under the first fiew days... this is actualy one of the treats that made us lift our eyebrows when we first time meet the boerboel , finaly a breed that was fit to work, life as a dog, reproduce as a natural dog.... lets not destroy that last side of this great breed!