Abelles Bones 75% Ysterberg

Bones out of Oakview Viola + Altyd Samson

Bones does appear like a male version of his mother ,Viola.
He is the one son after Samson who does not tend the long and tall body build ,he does though have Samsons gentle personality and god health.
In many ways we consider him to be the best dog we have breed so far, not according appraisal results but when looking at all aspects of the dogs we had hoped for by breeding Viola to Samson.
Bones has a A/A hip status and also 0/0 elbows, he shows the perfect Boerboel mentality , stable and easy as long as no treats are present, but furious and serious if anything crosses his way.

Bones with his mother at about 5 years of age, he shows a solid rear with god muscles and short pasterns.
Snowfun 2012